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Nancy Kondos is an avid dog-lover and an animal enthusiast. She had the experience of sharing her
life with two
 Tri-Color Pembroke Welsh corgis, each of which lived to be approximately fourteen years-old, and one of which she adopted from an animal shelter.

Simplicity best describes Nancy’s drawing style, and she enjoys being able to draw corgi, bunny, and sheep cartoons. Squirrels on a pole count, and elephants give good karma to the Micron drawing pen, which is the pen she uses today. Nancy doesn’t sketch with a pencil and she doesn’t believe in White Out. Prismacolor pencils and Sharpies are her coloring favorites.

Illustrating miniature animation books is definitely tied to Nancy’s soul.

Nancy and her husband, Christ, live in Dahlonega, Georgia, with a seven-year-old rescued bloodhound named Daisy. When Daisy is super thirsty, she causes kitchen housekeeping to increase 100 percent by dunking her head in a big, red bucket of water and then furiously shaking her slobbery jowls, letting spoiled water fly. Time and again, Nancy and Christ just stand back till the bloodhound’s thirst has been quenched and take hold of
the nearby, reusable mop. Now that’s love.

Nancy Kondos is available for media interviews. To schedule an interview, please contact Raven Davis at
470-239-8547 or Raven@booklogix.com.